Cast in short film “Migraine” by director Matthew Bonifacio

I have been cast in Migraine, a short film by director Matthew Bonifacio, whose previous works include LBs., Amexicano and others. I originally met Matthew in class at One-on-One Studios, where we got to know each other, and the connection eventually led to working together on this project. I’m excited about the film. It’s a great script, and for the first time, I’ll be acting and driving simultaneously. (Moms, get your kids in off he street…)

“Trevor” Premieres

This summer I worked on a great film by Columbia Grad school director and producer Perri Nemiroff. “Trevor,” a short film, had it’s first screening last week at Columbia, and it looked great. Such a pleasure to work with Perri, Hilary Walker who appeared opposite me, and a great cast and crew. Stand by for clips and links!