Understudy for lead roles

Phrases that have been used to describe Jack include “the bartender you love, even though he won’t let you run a tab,” “the bear you could trust with a bunny” and “mind of a scientist, heart of a football coach, soul of a poet.”

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Although he’s been an actor all his life, his professional career began in 2008, when he left his job at an investment bank, after a fifteen years writing software, to do what he should have been doing the whole time.

Since then, adventures have included working on shows like 30 Rock, Boardwalk Empire and the feature film now in production, Great Hope Springs. He’s gotten the thrill of working with celebrities like Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Tina Fey, but also the deep satisifaction of working on fully developed characters in Pioneer One, a new dramatic television series released on the web, and Neil Labute’s Autobahn, as produced by Silent Street Productions in New York City.

There is nothing more rewarding to Jack than the experience of bringing his whole uncensored, unrestrained self to the task of telling a character’s story on stage or screen.